Mark is a native of Youngstown and has been in the Columbus beer scene for several years. Unfortunately he's a Portland Trail Blazers fan, but we put up with that because he's also a Browns fan.


Nate studies at Columbus State and lives in Delaware with his wife Natalie, daughter Marin, and numerous dogs and horses.


Not to be confused with his twin brother, Nate! Matt travels to North Carolina frequently for work, so you'll also see him primarily on the weekends.


You'll see Paul at Bob's primarily on the weekends. Paul has a joke for just about any occasion (many of them somewhat off-color!) so hit him up if you need a laugh.


A graduate of Bowling Green, Rich has been keeping his hand in the bartending game in the Columbus area ever since. Rich is also primarily a weekend fixture at Bob's, since he also has a full time job, wife Wendy, and daughter Madelyn to occupy his time!


The men responsible for bringing you the Cultural Hub of the Midwest, Chris and Mike have owned Bob’s since 2002. Although they are not daily fixtures at the bar, you will occasionally find them spending an evening at Bob’s so feel free to say hello!